How to Build Your First Genesis Child Theme

I’ve been interested in Genesis for years, have built multiples sites on it, but have never really developed my own theme. I’ve tweaked other themes, even modified them to look completely different, but now I am going to build my own theme. I am not sure what I’ll call it yet, but it’ll be free, […]

Subdomain vs New Domain: Which is Better for SEO?

In case you are not interested in reading, here is the conclusion: Based on past analytics and Google updates, a subdomain on a well branded domain is better than a new domain. The subdomain will have the links and the branded domain. Plus, a subdomain will protect the site from future updates (many of the […]

Final Assessment: Google Analytics Platform Principles

I missed a question, and it drove me crazy until I got it right. If you are wondering about the correct answers for the Final Assessment, here you go. What are the four main components of the Google Analytics platform? (select all that apply) Collection Configuration Processing Reporting The tracking code in Google Analytics: (select […]