The Government Shutdown: What About Its Effect on SEO?


The government slimdown has affected the websites and social media presence of many major government agencies (hopefully you did not lose your .gov link).

But what about the Government websites that shut down?

What will happen to their rankings in the SERPS?

As we all know, you have to watch the changes you make to your homepage. Like every person in SEO or web design knows, you don’t want to add too many links to your homepage, you want to carefully monitor the content and keywords on your homepage, you constantly check your redirects, and you do your best to keep your web server up 100% of the time, but you’d settle for 99.9%.

But What Happens During a Government Shutdown?

The National Park Service is closed today, October 1, 2013 because of the Government shutdown.

Today, Google changed its logo to honor Yosemite National Park’s 123rd birthday, the same day Yosemite had to close its doors due to the government shutdown. But will Google still give the government websites great rankings?



Online, the National Park Service website is also shut down.

This morning, showed an error message letting visitors know all National Park websites would not be functioning, though information would be available through the Department of the Interior.

National Park Service Shuts Down

The National Park Service also tweeted:

So, What Will Happen to their SEO?

Will the rankings drop? They are a .gov site, so they get special privileges, but let’s look at a few no no’s for the rest of us .coms, .orgs, and .nets have to live with…

  • The homepage is in a /subdirectory inside a directory… Ever seen a homepage rank that far off of the root domain?
  • The NPS completely changed all text on the homepage. In fact, they have less that 100 words on the homepage. But they did give some great link juice to the Department of the Interior. Who?
  • They dropped all internal links. Hope you did not have a .gov link on the homepage…
  • They changed their meta description and have NO h1 or h2 tags on the page. In fact, check it out…

Thoughts? Will they still rank?

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