The Government Shutdown: What About Its Effect on SEO?

The government slimdown has affected the websites and social media presence of many major government agencies (hopefully you did not lose your .gov link).

But what about the Government websites that shut down?

What will happen to their rankings in the SERPS?

As we all know, you have to watch the changes you make to your homepage. Like every person in SEO or web design knows, you don’t want to add too many links to your homepage, you want to carefully monitor the content and keywords on your homepage, you constantly check your redirects, and you do your best to keep your web server up 100% of the time, but you’d settle for 99.9%.

My Way to a Free #Inbound13 Ticket, Thanks to @kippbodnar

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to figure out a way to get to #Inbound13. With such a stellar line up, and great content, being at Inbound 2013 would be an invaluable experience. So for the past few weeks- I set out on going to Inbound – and going for free.

The first thing I did: Research Hubspot.

I am not a current user of Hubspot, but since they are the sponsor of the conference, I wanted to get to know them (the company, not the SaaS).

Basic 301 Redirects for a Series of Pages

301 redirection broken link pages to new page using .htaccess

301 redirect to redirect a single page on your website

We have 24 broken (404) errors on webmaster tools for our Dreamweaver template site. Most of the sites are running WordPress, but if you are wondering how to change a 404 to a 301, heres how.

Simply enter the following code into your .htaccess file (of course, change your address from ours) and save the changes.