10 Lessons from Analyzing The Top 1300 Submissions to Inbound.org in 2014

Data from Analyzing Inboundorg

With Inbound.org quickly becoming a go-to for Internet Marketing, analyzing the top performing posts on Inbound will give you an understanding of what is performing well in the industry.

Over the year, there have been hundreds of thousands of submissions to Inbound.org. Have you ever wondered what causes a post to do well on Inbound.org? Or what qualities are needed to make a piece sharable in general? What follows is an analysis of the top 1300 submissions to Inbound.org during 2014; from this data, a number of factors have emerged as determinants for the success of an article, including the timing of the post, length, subject, and engagement.

What You Can Learn from KISSmetrics’ SEO Strategy

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Have you ever noticed how much advice about SEO and Social Sharing is completely wasted? It’s amazing to me how many people can write about strategies, best practices, and go on preaching without showing exactly how it’s done.

It’s all in the nearly 9,000 word document below.

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(Read to the bottom to download ALL 24 Tools to Perform Your Own Audit plus get Eli’s audit as a PDF)

In this post, I will provide a comprehensive technical Inbound audit for KISSmetrics.

13 Ideas and Analyses to Help Yelp Improve their SEO

Yelp Website

Here are some quick thoughts that could help Yelp improve their SEO.

1. Keyword Strategy: How good (or bad) of a job is Yelp doing?

I begin with a disclaimer: I recognize that keyword tags are not a ranking factor for Google, and may play a small part in Bing’s process. Nevertheless, Yelp’s keyword tags and PPC helped me determine what Yelp wanted to rank for. Here is a sampling:

Yelp, restaurant, dentist, doctor, orthodontist, salon, spa, massage, sushi, pizza, nails, plumbers, bars, coffee

For the keywords above, here is a visual displaying how those words rank on Google.

An In-Depth Inbound Marketing Audit of Buffer

Buffer - A better way to share on social media 2014-05-31 19-23-07

Buffer’s people have spent hours creating a quality product and interacting with their customers. If you’ve ever replied to a comment on one of their posts or reached out to them personally, you know that Buffer is built on transparency and intentionality.

And if you’ve ever been as busy as Buffer – shipping great apps, creating quality content, and engaging with customers 24/7 – you know that monitoring your own website for optimization and conversion can get put on the bottom of the list.

Interviewing with HubSpot: 3 Ways to Get a Job and 6 Things You Need to Know

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So, you are interviewing with HubSpot – first of – congratulations and great choice. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have a great product, vision, and they sure do know how to entice great workers.

About a year ago, I interviewed with HubSpot for the Inbound Marketing Professor position. I was drawn to HubSpot because they were/are internet marketing geniuses. Their company culture is spot on, they have unlimited vacation, nap rooms, candy walls, free beer, and they are based out of Cambridge.