What You Can Learn from KISSmetrics’ SEO Strategy

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Have you ever noticed how much advice about SEO and Social Sharing is completely wasted? It’s amazing to me how many people can write about strategies, best practices, and go on preaching without showing exactly how it’s done.

It’s all in the nearly 9,000 word document below.

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In this post, I will provide a comprehensive technical Inbound audit for KISSmetrics.

13 Ideas and Analyses to Help Yelp Improve their SEO

Yelp Website

Here are some quick thoughts that could help Yelp improve their SEO.

1. Keyword Strategy: How good (or bad) of a job is Yelp doing?

I begin with a disclaimer: I recognize that keyword tags are not a ranking factor for Google, and may play a small part in Bing’s process. Nevertheless, Yelp’s keyword tags and PPC helped me determine what Yelp wanted to rank for. Here is a sampling:

Yelp, restaurant, dentist, doctor, orthodontist, salon, spa, massage, sushi, pizza, nails, plumbers, bars, coffee

For the keywords above, here is a visual displaying how those words rank on Google.