Why SEO Should Be Taught in College

If you were to interview someone working in SEO and ask how he or she began their careers, most of them will say that they just “happened” to become interested in the industry. These people may have a degree in English, or were avid writers, and then learned the SEO tools needed to promote their content. Or perhaps, they were web designers, and learned a few more skills that could make them an extra buck. People just seem to happen to fall into SEO.

Hummingbird + Keyword (Not Provided) = You Actually Have to Care

SEOs have been annoyed for the past week with Google. First, they took away our keywords on the Google Analytics reports. And then, they created Hummingbird.

Not as many people have been annoyed with Hummingbird, probably because:

A) They have not seen their rankings drop, yet.
B) They are well branded and their site is benefiting from the long tail keywords being converted to short tail, or
C) They have no clue what Hummingbird is actually doing, yet.

What is an hCard? And how can it help Local SEO?

Whenever you want to show the contact details of an individual or an organization, you can use a special set of HTML class attributes defined in microformats known as the hCard. A hCard is very similar to the vCard that is built with the OSX on the Mac – just think of the hCard as a business card that you hand to search engines.

But let’s take one step back – What are micro formats (that hCard uses)?

Add Slider to the Home Page of Minimum Pro Theme v.3.0 – Updated!

StudioPress just released Minimum Pro Theme to Genesis Framework users.

I recently wanted to substitute a slider on the homepage instead of a static featured image. I’ll post the solution here in case you’d like to try it yourself. (btw – just giving a thanks – Ted helped me out a ton!)


The featured image used in the Minimum Pro Theme demo is hard-coded into funtions.php. We’re going to change this by creating a new widget area for our home page slider.

The Government Shutdown: What About Its Effect on SEO?

The government slimdown has affected the websites and social media presence of many major government agencies (hopefully you did not lose your .gov link).

But what about the Government websites that shut down?

What will happen to their rankings in the SERPS?

As we all know, you have to watch the changes you make to your homepage. Like every person in SEO or web design knows, you don’t want to add too many links to your homepage, you want to carefully monitor the content and keywords on your homepage, you constantly check your redirects, and you do your best to keep your web server up 100% of the time, but you’d settle for 99.9%.