A Very Fond Farewell to Thriveworks®

I’ve had the great opportunity to be part of an amazing place at Thriveworks. Thriveworks is a mental health company that provides premium care with a focus on customer service. Their counselors are respected leaders in the field, and appointments for individual or couples counseling are available within 24 hours of your call. They have offices in Cambridge, Westborough Mass, Philadelphia, Richmond, Lynchburg, and Atlanta / with a couple of franchises across the US.

At Thriveworks, I had the chance to work along side one of the best and brightest entrepreneur’s and bosses (Dr.

AppThemes Vantage NoFollow NoIndex the Archive Pages

Vantage is really a rough theme for SEO. If you have a directory, you are trying to get links, but then Vantage points all of those links away. Plus, there is a ton of duplication.

To get rid of the archives indexing, add this gist to the wrapper.php file – somewhere between and

That’ll do what SEO Yoast can’t. I love SEO for WordPress, but it has no way of noindex nofollow on archive pages for Vantage.

Do SEOs Still Have a Job? Updating Links Post Penguin and Panda

SEO has always been a fast moving field – so much so – that what you knew 5 years ago is hardly relevant and potentially harmful today. Since Google’s latest updates, beginning with Panda in February of 2011 (rough times), and then EMD in 2012, the change rate has intensified even more. In fact, most of these updates could put SEOs in serious danger.

Even more, as Google has created these changes, many SEOs have lost their writing privileges.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Is it Still Important?

I’ve worked in SEO for a while now. When I first started, it was all about meta-keywords, keywords in the title, keywords in the text, and perhaps keywords that you couldn’t see in the footer (don’t hate too much – remember flash?).

But things have changed for the better. Now we are all about great content. In fact, this article from “The Death Of SEO: The Rise Of Social, PR, And Real Content” sums up the transition fairy well:

Invest in real, valuable, relevant content that your audience wants.