Ring Revenue and Google Sites

We have successfully added Ring Revenue to our WordPress and Dreamweaver based sites, but not Google Sites. Has anyone had any luck adding Ring Revenue to Google Sites?

We have a few (maybe 5-10 sites) that are running on Google Sites, and we would love to be able to track their call performance. Ring Revenue gives you the option of adding a script in the heading of all of your sites – that will give you a unique number – so you will know who called.

The problem: Google Sites won’t allow you to edit the header information. I know that you can add a Google Gadget, but Ring Revenue has yet to produce one of those yet.

Does anyone know a way around it yet? Ring revenue is working great; we know what calls are coming from where – and we know how to increase our Adwords to get results, but we cannot seem to implement the script on Google Sites. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Basic 301 Redirects for a Series of Pages

301 redirection broken link pages to new page using .htaccess

301 redirect to redirect a single page on your website

We have 24 broken (404) errors on webmaster tools for our Dreamweaver template site. Most of the sites are running WordPress, but if you are wondering how to change a 404 to a 301, heres how.

Simply enter the following code into your .htaccess file (of course, change your address from ours) and save the changes. If you have several changes like we do, then just repeat as necessary.

redirect 301 provider/pdf/procedure http://www.thriveboston.com

The Above Example: We are moving the old file:

http://www.thriveboston.com/provider/pdf/procedure to the home page at http://www.thriveboston.com. We could have chosen to update the old to file to it’s new location, but since we removed the old page and did not update it, we decided to redirect the user back to the home page.

Why is redirection traffic necessary?

You won’t lose any of your website traffic. Using the 301 redirect described above, users will be redirected to your new page location – or back to your home location – instead of getting your 404 page. If a user lands on a 404 page, it is more than likely they will close out your browser tab.

Keep the SEO dream alive. Google will remove 404 pages from its index, even if they have a lot of link juice (a lot of links pointing their direction). It is extremely important to implement a 301 redirect to that you can keep rank – and at the same time tell Google where you location is placed.

If you use the 301 redirect, Google will then update your old link to the new location without using link juice or rank in the search engines.

What if you cannot view your .htaccess file?

Sometimes, well most of the time, your .htaccess file is hidden because it begins with a . If you want to see if .files are hidden, just add .example to your files and see if they are being hidden. If it hides, just go to View > Show Hidden Files (Coda 2)

Adwords Certified

Google Adwords Qualification

I passed the Adwords Certification in October of 2013. We are now earning $10 for every $.34 cents we spend on Adwords. What an ROI improvement.

Google Adwords Certification Program is a Google AdWords partner certification program, providing AdWords qualifications to agencies that pass exams and other criteria.