Albuquerque Counseling – An SEO and Inbound Update

Well, a few weeks ago, we (Thriveworks) started working with Denise Decker, an Albuquerque Counselor, and it has been great working with her. (A while back, I blogged about the start of the campaign). We’ve worked with clients all across the country (NYC, Tallahassee, San Jose, etc…).

When we first started working together, Denise wanted to get her site ranking in the map section on Google. Previously, she hired another agency, spent a lot of money, but couldn’t get her site ranking in the maps.

We wanted to get Denise in the maps, but we also wanted to increase inbound leads (phone calls from potential clients). And to date, we are starting to do both!

Here is where we are at:

I redesigned Denise’s website. It is responsive, features her content, and get’s the message across. Too often, I believe designers spend way too much time and money worrying about details the typical user doesn’t even notice. Unless you are building an e-commerce store,  or are building a site for a large company or school/ college, a basic website gets the point across. Plus, a website is nothing unless it ranks. Well, if you ever want to make any money….

Albuquerque Counseling

As you can see, the site has had a facelift from the original version. We are no longer using the 2011 WordPress theme, but our focus is still on content. If you were a user, or a client, looking for counseling, you can find all of the information you need on this one page. We focus on design that looks good, but that also brings in leads – aka – calls.

But, how is that website doing in the search engines?

Well, below you can see the site is showing up in the map section – with this particular keyword, the site is ranking A in maps.

Albuquerque Counseling

Again, the image below shows how the Albuquerque Counseling keyword is doing:

Albuquerque Counseling

Finally, you can see a snippet view of the Google Places listing. The Google + page has pictures, reviews, and more information. 

Albuquerque Counseling

As you can see, the site is doing pretty well, but this is only the beginning of month 2. By month 12, we expect Denise’s inbound leads to be enough to sustain the practice. So far, Albuquerque Counseling is ranking well and the medium tail and long tail keywords are all on the first page. Additionally, we are starting to see the leads come in.

Check back soon to see the progress of Albuquerque Counseling.

In the meantime, If you are seeking SEO/ Internet Marketing services for your private practice, please contact me through my work at: // I work with some great people there. Or, if you live out in NM, check out Denise Decker – she is an outstanding clinician!


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