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I’ve worked with the Adobe Creative Suite for well over 5 years. Traditionally, I work in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Bridge. At times, I have used Dreamweaver, but prefer not to use such a heavy program in web design. My preference is a light, code drive platform such at Coda 2. Dreamweaver relies too much on the editor version and cripples people from learning the backend.

Below, you will see some projects that I have had the opportunity to work on. They highlight some of my CS6 skills. (Note: Like most projects, some of these were worked on in teams. I cannot take full credit. I’ll point that out below.)

Side Banner Advertisement

This advertisement was created on a larger scale for a side web advertisement for Adaptive Solutions in Lynchburg, VA.


Thriveworks Logo Redesign

I was a part of the rebranding and design of the Thriveworks Logo. The new logo brings the old logo up to date, and makes things clean and simple.

Thriveworks copy

Credentialing Branding

I was part of the branding of Medical Credentialing is a B2B company. The logo features a clean and professional look.

Credentialingcom copy

Catalyst Communication Branding

I worked with Catalyst Communications for over 2 years. We worked on many branding and design projects.

Catalyst Slide

Catalyst Communication Product Guide

During my 2 years with Catalyst, this was one of the technical communication productions I produced. The document is a 9 page brochure on a product release.


PSD Web Design

Below is a sample PSD pixel perfect design. When coding, I start with a wireframe – move to a PSD – and then code the project onto a PHP driven framework (normally WordPress and Genesis). I can also code into straight HTML5 and CSS33.


Adaptive Solutions Branding

I helped this small business owner go from an idea to a reality.

Adaptive Solutions.jpg higher resolution

PSD Web Design Mock

This is another PSD Web Design mock.


Newspaper Publishing

I worked at a newspaper for well over 2 years. During my time there, I was a photographer and designer. We used InDesign for our production. I also know printer terminology.


Magazine Publishing

This was a fun side project. Can you tell which baseball team I like?


Web Design

Another Web Design project. I’ve built over 50 websites in the past year.


Newspaper Design

Again, more newspaper design using InDesign. I learned while working at a newspaper – if you can layout a newspaper using great design principles – you can lay out anything.


Newspaper Spread

Last Newspaper Spread.


Nissan Campaign

As a Graduate Assistant at Liberty University, my role was divided into two parts. I was
an Assistant Director for a Student-run Advertising Team for the School of Communication
and an Instructor for the College of General Studies. As an Instructor, I taught Speech
Communication courses online. As Assistant Director, I co-directed a competitive marketing
team. Each year, I assisted the students in creating a national campaign for clients
including: Glidden, JCPenney, Nissan, and State Farm. I guided the entire marketing process
including: market research (Nielsen, Experian, etc), strategy, objectives, creatives (designing print ads, social media, commercials), PR, CSR, and evaluation (focus groups, market share).



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