Add Slider to the Home Page of Minimum Pro Theme v.3.0 – Updated!

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    StudioPress just released Minimum Pro Theme to Genesis Framework users.

    I recently wanted to substitute a slider on the homepage instead of a static featured image. I’ll post the solution here in case you’d like to try it yourself. (btw – just giving a thanks – Ted helped me out a ton!)



    The featured image used in the Minimum Pro Theme demo is hard-coded into funtions.php. We’re going to change this by creating a new widget area for our home page slider.

    To register a new widget area, drop the following into your functions.php (between header and tagline widgets on homepage).

    After adding this code to your theme and saving it, you can go to Appearance > Widgets and see your new widget area. You can drop widgets in there and add content all you like, but it won’t show up on your home page until we tell it to do so.


    Add this to functions.php:

    Then REMOVE (on functions.php):


    And on front-page.php, remove or comment out:


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      1. Brad Dalton says

        Hi Eli.

        2 things i would like to add:

        1. You could simply hook in a new slider directly from your functions file. No need to remove any code or add any CSS code.

        2. When you embed PHP code in a web page, it turns the apostrophes around resulting in errors for anyone who copies and pastes it into a functions file.

        I suggest using github gists or a syntax highlighter..

        • says

          Thanks Brad –

          1. Correct. I’ve gone back and simplified the process. It is now updated. I started realizing the problem with the code as I moved on.
          2. You are correct once again. I had been using github, but when pulling the snippet in, all of my gist were double spaced. I’ve been able to fix that and revert back.

          Thanks for the advice and comments. You’re doing great stuff on

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