A SEO Journey: Albuquerque Counseling

In my current position, I work with clients across the US with their Internet Marketing. I am currently working with a new client, Albuquerque Counseling. I just built out the site last week – and as you will notice, it is using the 2011 WordPress Theme.

Albuquerque Counseling

When starting out the sites, the most important thing is to just get the content out there. I put out over 35 pages in a week, focusing on the keywords:

Albuquerque Counseling
Albuquerque Therapy
Albuquerque Marriage Therapy

and the list goes on. It it my goal to get her to rank with as many keywords as possible in the Google Maps Section. I will continue to update the progress. As of now, the site is just starting to show up on page 3 or page 4 – depending on the keywords. 

At this point, I’ve conducted local SEO, with Google Places, Bing, Yahoo, etc, set up webmaster tools, sent in the sitemap, added Schema Organization to the footer and the pages, wrote a ton of content, gave it a unique phone # to track calls, add analytics, fixed the permalinks, added a 301 redirect on the www., and am currently working on some link juice…

Next up, web design facelift. With SEO – design is not everything, but with conversions, it is – thus next week, we will begin adding photos and updating the design, but for now, content is king!

If you are seeking SEO/ Internet Marketing services, contact me through my work at: thriveworks.com

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