Currently located in Colorado, this is my site focused on marketing, SEO, and inbound. I share research and case studies about: the best ways to optimize WordPress sites, audits of some hot start ups, how Neil Patel got penalized by Panda, why Wistia is dominating small business video hosting, etc.

For work, I am the Director of Digital Engagement at a Non-Proft in Colorado, where I work with an awesome team in web and social. Before that I was a marketing manager at a startup based out of Cambridge.

You can email me at elioverbey [at] gmail.com. I’ll respond.

Professional Experience

Director, Digital Engagement [Currently]

Previously, I was the Sr. SEO analyst overseeing sites with 6 Million Uniques Monthly. Now, I am privileged to lead a team of nine in digital strategy (web design, analytics, content strategy, and web updates).

  • Plan, manage, and execute multiple SEO campaigns, which includes account setup, strategy development, organization, and management
  • Provide expertise for keyword research, reporting, linking campaigns, conversion goals, on-page optimization, social media, local search, image and video optimization, digital asset optimization, and mobile search for digital projects and campaigns
  • Work with content teams to identify content holes, hot topics, and content needs based upon learnings from Analytics and SEO audit tools
Marketing Manger 2012-2014

At Thriveworks (a 6 year-old Boston-based startup – now with 50 on staff), I was in charge of the strategic marketing accounts, both in-house and with clients and private practices across the U.S. Our focus was dominated by organic search and content creation. In my role, I was privileged to lead a team of 4.

  • Multiplied B2B Sales: I increased B2B and B2C sales – and projected to reach half a million in B2B and 2.5M in B2C sales.
  • Advanced Lead Generation: I increased leads by over 300% (organic and paid).
    • PPC: For every $0.44 I spent on Google Adwords for the company, we made $10.00.
    • Inbound Marketing: I implemented our inbound marketing strategy to drive traffic and leads through content creation, SEO, SEM, landing pages, A/B Testing, lead nurturing, etc…
    • Search Engine Optimization: Ranked highly competitive keywords and multiple (20+) websites in the top 3 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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M.A. in Communications
B.S. in Communications

Other Skills and Certifications

  • Certified in Google Analytics and Adwords, with a side of Google Tag Manager
  • Certified in Inbound Marketing from HubSpot
  • Solid HTML and CSS skills, know my way around JS and PHP
  • Love Big Data = CSV, SQL, XSLS are why I love to work.
  • Enjoy A/B testing = Optimizely
  • I also guest blog. Contact me Here.