A Very Fond Farewell to Thriveworks®

I’ve had the great opportunity to be part of an amazing place at Thriveworks. Thriveworks is a mental health company that provides premium care with a focus on customer service. Their counselors are respected leaders in the field, and appointments for individual or couples counseling are available within 24 hours of your call. They have offices in Cambridge, Westborough Mass, Philadelphia, Richmond, Lynchburg, and Atlanta / with a couple of franchises across the US.


At Thriveworks, I had the chance to work along side one of the best and brightest entrepreneur’s and bosses (Dr. Anthony Centore). I am grateful for all that Anthony taught me.

I joined Thriveworks in a new position – SEO. I joined the team at a time when they needed good content, and the company was growing (of which, it is still growing drastically. We went from 20 on staff to now over 50!) Thriveworks has some incredible days ahead. While at Thriveworks, I grew into my role quickly and was named the Director of Marketing.

During my time at Thriveworks, I worked on some great stuff: generating leads via inbound marketing, re-designing several sites for Thriveworks; ranking competitive keywords organically, leads through PPC, building out new websites, working with clients across the US in their marketing; developing PR – responding to the Boston Marathon Crisis by offering free counseling to those in need (the story was picked up by Boston.com, ACA, etc)…The list could go on. Thriveworks gave me the ability to grow with them. I also had the opportunity to bring in and work with the guy who wrote “The Pixar Theory“…

This is my last week at the company.

I’m moving onto a new position next week that is an outstanding opportunity, but I honestly have nothing but positivity towards Thriveworks. Every person you meet there will put you first, 24 hours a day.

Thriveworks is hiring right now, and although I’m leaving, I’ll be the first to say it’s an amazing organization to be a part of. Apart from working with a growing company, Thriveworks takes care of their employees and puts family first.

If you are in the market for a new job, and you are willing to work hard, check out Thriveworks. Tell Rebecca I sent you.