301 Redirection with 302 in Path

If you have a series of redirects from one server to another, and a 302 is in the path of 301′s – (301 to 302 to 301) will links still pass? For a detailed example:

You are moving domains and you redirect the entire domain1.com (which is on one server) to domain2.com (which is on a different server). But in order to give the user the correct paths, you set the redirects up like this:

  • 302 Redirect the entire domain1.com to the root of domain2.com.
  • Once the redirects arrive on the new server, you append them to 301 redirect to the correct page.

So, it’d look like this:

  • http://domain1.com/article-here/
    • Redirect 302 / http://www.domain2.com/ (redirecting everything on domain1.com to domain2.com)
  • http://domain2.com
    • 301 the page (/article-here) to the new path:
  • http://domain2.com/article-here/

This is technically correct, in that, the 302 redirect is temporarily going to the home page. But can links pass, and if not, should 301 be implemented even though it’s not permanent?

*I know the correct implementation would be to 301 from page to page, but it cannot be done in this situation. I am receiving all the URLs from another company, and instead of taking the time to 301 all the pages individually, they are basically casting a wide net and just throwing everything at me (they are redirecting everything on the old domain to the new domain with one htaccess redirect “Redirect 301 / http://www.domain1.com/”). I am left to grab each URL and redirect it to the correct page.

I am wondering if I should have the company 302 their redirect or 301? Any thoughts or research will be helpful.

UPDATE: Answer from Dr. Pete at MOZ